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Sep 11-13, 2015
Press Release

Zhang’s massive photo installation of 200+ photos printed on company envelopes, aptly titled, Envelopes (2011) went on exhibit the 1st time in Beijing, in Beijing’s inaugural Photo Week/Photo Biennial, that took place at Beijing’s Millennium Monument Museum and opened on Oct. 24, 2013. And more recently in a solo exhibit at Pékin Fine Arts, followed by inclusion in the group exhibit at UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art The World in 2015 curated by Philip Tinari.

In Envelopes (2011) Zhang prints photo portraits of real individuals on company and government business envelopes. The artist made 100’s of photo records of people he met during his time as a photojournalist, using his camera and photo-making skills to record the practice by companies or government people of offering an envelope with some money inside as a means of facilitating a positive published or broadcast interview.


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